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Tarot Affirmations:
Self Fulfilling Prophecies


Tarot Affirmations: Self Fulfilling Prophecies is for tarot novices, full time witches and everyone in between. 

This collection of affirmations, inspired by The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck, provides an accessible entry point to both divination and spell work. Author and affirmation enthusiast, Kitty Knorr is passionate about the practical magick of neuroplasticity. The way we talk to matters; the words we speak cast spells over our lives. 

These self fulfilling prophecies will set you free, transmutation and transformation guaranteed. 

If you are new to tarot, working with affirmations expedites your ability to memorize each card's meaning and if you are a seasoned veteran, this book provides a fun twist on familiar territory. This book is for anyone and everyone who is committed to the lifelong journey of healing, unlearning and unbecoming everything you are not, in pursuit of becoming the person you were born to be. 

Tarot Affirmations: Self Fulfilling Prophecies is the perfect tool to add to your holistic arsenal. 


“An affirmation opens the door. It’s a beginning point on the path to change.” - Louise L. Hay 

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