birth chart written analysis

birth chart written analysis

Astrology is the mythology of the human experience. 


We are a species of storytellers. Oral tradition began with ancient man crafting fairy tales and archetypes out of celestial patterns seen in the night sky, and we still use the art of storytelling to make sense of our reality. In recent years, astrology has become a personal development and self awareness tool. 


Astrology is also a belief system based on both free will and destiny. According to astrology, your life has purpose and a plan- certain people, places and events are destined to enter your reality. However, how you choose to handle these situations is entirely up to you. 


Under the belief that you are an eternal, spiritual being having a temporary human experience- your birth chart provides context into why you chose to experience this specific lifetime, what you are meant to learn from your circumstances and so much more. 


The human experience is one dictated by emotion, imitation and an illusion of separateness. Yet, it is in this emotion, limitation and separateness that we have the opportunity to experience individuality. Souls choose to incarnate on Earth as humans because this journey is one of immense value. 


A “birth chart” or “natal chart” is a map of the sky at the time of your birth, it is the blueprint of your current life. 


No one person has the same exact birth chart as anyone else. 


There are 3 components of the birth chart- houses (areas of life), planets (aspects of ourselves) and zodiac signs (character traits). 


This report is an explanation of your personal placements. 



**In order to calculate your chart, you need to know your exact time of birth and place of birth. Within 1-2 days of your purchase, I will email you asking for this information :)