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You are a microcosm of the macro. You are poet and poem, storyteller and story. You are an internalization of the external, and vice versa. You are at the center of the whole. You are a ripple effect. You are an important piece of an ever expanding infinite puzzle. Thank you for being here. -kitty

Kitty Knorr is an artist, poet and preacher who is fascinated by the healing power of creativity. 


Knorr believes self acceptance is self liberation, there is purpose in your presence and being human is trippyThrough Knorr's writings and teachings, she aims to help unravel shame-based social conditioning through personal empowerment. Knorr lives in service to the artists, the witches and the alchemists of this world. Knorr creates resources for those who are committed to their own personal evolution, their own magick. 

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Knorr is currently offering 1:1 creative coaching as well as a free e-course 'Creative Inspiration'

read her latest book GOD IS A WITCH 

listen to her sermons on titkok, YouTube, Instagram​.

stream her music on soundcloud


for collaborations or inquires please reach out to Kitty via email <3

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