beautiful human,

My name is kitty knorr. I am a queer witchy woman.

I write poetry and read tarot.

I want help set you free-
free from your own mind,
free from your doubts,
fears & hesitations.

Life is magical and you are powerful.

I've spent the past three years building and running Okay Cool Magazinea mental health magazine made by artists for artists. Now I am determined to have healing conversations in a much more personal and magical way. 

My mission is to awaken and empower the queers, the witches, the creatives- anyone and everyone who is craving the clarity and confidence they deserve.

Check out "Being Human is Trippy" the podcast- it's filled with food for thought and pep talks. 

If you're interested in working with me- check out my current tarot and astrology services offered.



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Knorr's published creative writing:

Fresh Froot Magazine Issue #1 (2020)

"3 Reasons Why Creative Expression

is the Ultimate Form of Self-Care" (2019) 

Hook Magazine "The Earth Issue" (2018) 

Conker Magazine "Growing Pains" (2018) 

California's Emerging Writers:

An Anthology by Z Publishing House (2018)

Knorr had the privilege of working with Author Stephanie Spence and Co-Edited Spence's book Yoga Wisdom: Warrior Tales Inspiring You On and Off Your Mat (2018) 

At the age of 21, Knorr founded Okay Cool Magazine (2018). Okay Cool is a mindfulness magazine that explores the relationship between mental health and creativity. The company's mission is to create opportunities for artists while building community between artists.


click here to check out Knorr's poetry