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Pisces New Moon: Self Submergence

Greetings my dudes:) Today March 2, 2022 is a new moon in the sign of Pisces.

On the agenda: make peace with long standing self sabotaging patterns (aka) dive into the deep end of our emotional realms and learn how to tread water.

Pisces is mutable water (adaptable emotional intelligence). Pisces is the mystic, the healer, the artist. Pisces is the psychic medium and the artist's medium. This zodiac sign is the bridge between our tangible world and higher dimensions.

Today's new moon is a bridge between your old life and your new one, are you ready to cross over?

This isn't about feeling like you finally have your sh*t together, this is about moving on and getting excited about the future even though you don't have your sh*t together.

It's time to grieve and let go.

It's time to create a sense of self made optimism.

What are you fighting for? What do you believe in?

This moon's energy is about forgiveness, sacrifice and devotion. Pisces and its ruling planet Neptune preside over both spiritual truth and illusion, teaching us that maybe faith and the placebo effect, are one are the same thing? Pisces is also associated with the 12th house in astrology- this is our mental health, our unconscious, our dream state and our self undoing.

Pisces energy is the mind, body, soul connection.

The good news is, you're due for a mind, body and soul deconditioning. This new moon is acting as a detox, a cleanse. This is a revival, a resurrection. It's time to dust yourself off and move on.

This new moon is preparing you for your next chapter of life by having you confront the emotions that have kept you stagnant for far too long.

Pisces is the very last sign of the zodiac. Pisces teaches us to let go, surrender and trust the cycle/circle/flow of life.

"Born between sharply contrasting seasons, winter and spring, the Pisces soul holds two opposing fish swimming ferociously in opposite directions. One fish symbolizes the theme of completion and is bound by a divine cord to its twin fish, which symbolizes the promise of a new beginning .. Pisces is the water that release and renews us. Pisces is the great existential ending and the beginning." -Colin Bedell Queer Cosmos

Spring 2022 will be filled with a bunch of new beginnings as we tie up loose ends from our past. Things will feel nonlinear and messy, let yourself learn and evolve in real time. Let these next few months be fluid. This energy reminds me of the opening line of New Magic Wand by Tyler the Creator (a pisces man) "Sometimes you gotta close a door to open a window." Your intuition is and will continue to ask you to make sacrifices and decisions that do not make logical sense. The more doors you close, the more windows will open and the more your perspective will shift.

I want you to keep in mind 2 things as we move through the rest of pisces season and work our way towards a virgo full moon on March 18th.

1. Ignorance is no longer bliss

2. Perfectionism is delusion

Ignorance is no longer bliss. Pisces teaches us that whatever gets ignored, gets stored in the unconscious mind. The unconscious dictates the quality of our decision making and therefore the quality of our lives.

You can't afford to sweep your fears under the rug. Chasing your dreams, will require you to face your fears. The obstacle is the path, always.

Moving forward, you can not afford to play small, play dumb or wimp out on pursuing the things that set your soul on fire. Your creative and intuitive desires are getting harder and harder to ignore. Your soul is tired of being ignored. Your soul is tired of getting belittled by your mind. Stop talking yourself out of your dreams.

Perfectionism is delusion. Can you forgive yourself for being intimidated by your own high expectations? Can you honor the fact that your flaws and your shortcomings are divinely purposed? There is wisdom in your imperfection. Forgive yourself not having everything figured out. Forgive yourself for any feelings of confusion that rise up to the surface around this new moon.

You have grown so much and come so far, enjoy the peace and confidence available right now.

It's time to move on, embrace the mystery ahead of you. Embrace the mystery that resides inside of you.









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