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Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse: Breaking Ground

Healing is shapeshifting; healing is transfiguration; healing transmutation; healing is alchemy. Healing is liberation. ITS SHAPESHIFTING SEASON. ITS REBIRTH, RESURRECTION, REINVENTION SEASON. WE'RE BREAKING GROUND, TAKING UP SPACE AND BEING STUBBORN ABOUT OUR LIBERATION. ITS TIME TO PLOT YOUR ESCAPE, WHAT ARE YOU HUNGRY FOR? ITS ECLIPSE SEASON, CAN YOU FEEL IT?? We are 11 days into Taurus season and today April 30th, is a Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse. There is magick in the air, available to those who are looking for it. While new moons take place once a month, eclipses only happen 4 times a year, when the astrological North Node sits in alignment with the sun and moon. Eclipse energy is intense, karmic, sometimes life changing, always impactful. These next few weeks are asking you to drop into your body and be more present than ever before. “THE BODY IS ALWAYS IN THE PRESENT MOMENT.” - REV BRIANNA LYNN Taurus rules over the physicality of life. Taurus is the 2nd sign of the zodiac, following Aries's initial spark of creation, Taurus grounds existence. Taurus teaches us the importance of safety, security, comfort and pleasure. Taurus is associated with our 5 senses. Taurus also rules over the neck/throat- gifting us with an ability to express ourselves, our wants and our needs. Taurus is a fixed Earth sign ruled by Venus, this is an innovative, resourceful, creative energy. Taurus season encourages us to make the most of what is right in front of us. What ingredients are already in the kitchen? What can we create with what we already have? Taurus is the architect, the gardener, the sculptor. Taurus is also known as the bull of the zodiac- but I think only referring to Taurus as a "bull" is misleading. While Taurus can be a charging bull at times, this archetype is more so about cow and oxen symbolism. This energy is about acknowledging all the ways in which our divinity is grounded in reality, and being able to break free from domesticated ways of seeing ourselves. In Vedic cultures like Hinduism, cows are considered to be holy creatures- cows symbolize abundance and fertility, deeply connected to mother Earth. In Egyptian mythology, Hathor the Great Mother Goddess of joy and nourishment was worshipped as a cow deity. Hathor's headdress, similar to that of the High Priestess in tarot, is the triple moon goddess symbol which looks like a cow's head and horns. The triple moon goddess is a nod to the 3 stages of womanhood- maiden, mother, crone. The symbol itself composed of a waxing moon (growth/development), a full moon (fertility/vitality) and a waning moon (loss/transition).

Oxen imagery also plays a part in Taurus's story. Like a steady ox plowing a field, this energy teaches us that slow and steady wins the race. There is power in consistency. Good things come to those that meet the universe half way. "Sometimes a slow start is a strong start." -Jessica Alexandra BehatiLife But who is the ox working for? Is he tending to the field of his dreams, or is he enslaved to a life outside of his control? Taurus rules over this material plane of existence but it's opposite sign, Scorpio, reminds us that there is more to life than meets the eye. The Taurus/Scorpio relationship teaches us that money is an exchange of energy, attention is an exchange of power and time is our only nonrenewable resource. Taurus warns us about the dangers of domestication, overconsumption and materialism. In Tarot, Taurus is associated with both the Empress (divine feminity/abundance/creativity) and the Hierophant (hierarchy/gov't/religion). While these are two very different energies, they both are grounded in "reality". The Empress is rooted in her connection to nature and Earth, the Hierophant is a pope rooted in his society's tradition. What reality do you want to live in? Of course, most of us would rather live in a world of our own creation, but sometimes it feels too risky to do so. Tradition always provides a certain degree of comfort and maybe that's not a bad thing. HOWEVER from now until July 2023, we will be experiencing a SERIES OF ECLIPSES IN TAURUS + SCORPIO ... THIS ENERGY ISNT GOING ANYWHERE ANYTIME SOON. THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING OF YOU BEING ABLE TO EMBODY YOUR DIVINE, PERSONAL POWER IN A VERY GROUNDED, PRACTICAL WAY. You are here because you deserve to be here. You are here to co-create yourself with the spirit running through your veins. You are holy. You are powerful. What does power mean to you? How were you stripped of your power at a young age and how can we start rebuilding with what we have left of ourselves? It feels as if these Taurus/Scorpio eclipses are basically passing the mic to our shadow side. Your demons, your shame, your desires ... they've got some sh*t they want to get off their chest. Let them. Move out of the way. Listen to them. This is where we heal. This is how we heal. This is how we integrate- by taking up the space we weren't allowed to take up as children. This is and will continue to be intense. You are starting a new cycle. You are shapeshifting. Relax into this. Take your time. Don't fight the flow. Don't fight yourself. As you heal, may you take up as much space as you need. As you heal, may you become the person you needed most when you felt trapped. From now until May 16th, when we have a Scorpio full moon lunar eclipse, I invite you to pay attention to all the ways in which social shame has enslaved you into living a life that feels less than satisfactory. We've been taught money, status, privatized education = power. But what if our minds, our psyches are the most power tool in our arsenal? You are a unique expression of nature, of life. You are a walking miracle, will you waste your magic? USE TODAY TO CONNECT WITH YOUR BODY, CONNECT WITH YOUR SPIRIT, CONNECT WITH NATURE AND CONNECT WITH THOSE YOU LOVE MOST. HAPPY NEW MOON


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