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Libra Full Moon: Love Heals

Today April 16th, the moon is sitting in beautiful Libra. She is bathing in the last few degrees of Aries sunlight while squaring off with Pluto, the God of our internal underworlds.

This one is a biggie. Big revelations, big emotions, important conversations, pivotal decisions and sh*t ton of growing pains. In many ways, this is the beginning of the end. In other ways, this is the transcendence you deserve.

You, my friend, are breaking some gnarly psychological patterns.

Each of us are in the process of healing the insecurity, martyrdom, codependent and addictive tendencies that we inherited from our parents and their parents before them.

Right now, our wounds are very "exposed".

If you're feeling uncomfortable it's because you've been coming to hard truths and making even harder decisions. If you've been struggling to catch your breath recently please know you are not alone.

This is about our desires, our need for simultaneous security and liberation. Where are your needs not being met? And how is that a direct result of you needing to be more honest with yourself?

The emotions that are creeping up to the surface right now are important. What is distracting you? Because that's what you need to be paying attention to. Before we can heal it, we have to feel it.

Today's full moon is insanely introspective, however it's also a reminder that healing is not done in isolation.

Libra is associated with the 7th house of commitment and partnership in our birth charts- this where we begin to understand what and who we are attracted to. The 7th house, being our "descendent sign" is also considered our shadow side- unconscious aspects of ourselves that get triggered when we enter partnership.

Libra seeks balance through connection with others.

Libra reminds us the a life without love is not worth living.

And moving forward, each of us are being invited to experience a healthier relationship to love (self, platonic and romantic).We just have to work out the kinks in our system first. We have to adjust the scales of our current power dynamics.

Libra is the scales- associated with social justice, diplomacy, karma and harmony. In 1:1 relationships, the scales should always be balanced, there should be an equal give and take. When we place others on pedestals, we are doing a disservice to the relationship dynamic.

When we stifle our own expression, repress our needs ... our relationships suffer.

Today and these next few days = a good time to acknowledge and hold space for any fears you carry around being seen.

Libra teaches us that before we can feel loved, we must first feel seen.

Libra is ruled by the planet of love, Venus, and Venus's glyph is supposed to look like a mirror ♀. The people in our life serve as mirrors. Not only do we desire connection and acceptance from others, we also tend to unconsciously understand ourselves through the lens of others.

Where are you still being held hostage by people's perception of you? How do you see yourself? How is your perception of yourself inaccurate?

I have a HW assignment for you, if you're interested!!!:)) Over these next few days, carve out time to enter into a mediative state and visualize what it would be like to meet yourself. What is your first impression? What do you notice about your own body language? What would you tell yourself?

It's difficult for us to see ourselves objectively.

It's difficult for us to love ourselves objectively.

And therefore, it's nearly impossible to see and love others without condition.

From the moment we are born, our families project onto us. We are on the receiving end of their pain and their joy, their perception of reality. As we grow up and grow into ourselves, we are destined to work through the impressions encoded in our DNA and lived experience.

Like I said in the very beginning of this email, you are truly breaking free from breaking some gnarly, deeply rooted psychological patterns. Healing is a lifelong process.

Healing is the process of unlearning, de-conditioning.

In the past, I've always thought of "healing" as work, but maybe that's not always the case. Rest is healing. Ease is healing. Slowing down is healing. Love is healing.

Love heals when it feels generous, supportive, playful, secure and curious.

Love is a choice.

Love is a verb.

Love is patient.

Love is never in a rush.

How can you love on yourself extra hard today?





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