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Virgo Full Moon: You Are Who You Came Here to be

Today March 18th, we close a chapter and begin to build a new one from the ground up. Only this time we are not starting from scratch- you are wiser, kinder and braver than ever before. How did you think you could do all this growing and not have to leave behind certain people, places and ideas? Today’s full moon is a chance to feel the fullness of how far you’ve come. You made it out the otherside, you really did. What are you still chasing? What is distracting you from being fully present right here, right now? Virgo tends to be a critical, cynical energy. Virgo focuses on what’s wrong, what needs fixing, what isn’t working. Virgo is a practical Earth sign but she is always striving for improvement, perfection. When does self consciousness become self centeredness? When does self development become self punishment? What if “healing” is the process of realizing you’ve been whole this entire time? You do not have to be perfect in order to be loved. You do not have to be perfect in order to pursue your passions. You do not have to be perfect in order to live your purpose. You are whole, you have always been so. You are who you came here to be. Stepping into your power is the process of realizing just how powerful you have been this entire time. This full moon is a harsh wake up call because you deserve a better quality of life. Virgo energy reminds us that it’s the quality of our internal dialogue that dictates the quality of our decision making, and our decisions become the habits that create the quality of our lives. These past few weeks have been energetically draining and on a day like today, we might have a lot of energy but it’s likely to manifest as anxiety. If your inner critic has been extra loud recently, please know that you’re not alone. Also please know that the voices in your head do not belong to you, they are an assortment of opinions and beliefs you have picked up from others over the course of your life. By retraining the way you talk to yourself, you are actually reparenting your inner child. If you chose to speak to yourself the way you would speak to a 5 year old, what would that look like? Your self talk would most likely be way more encouraging and compassionate. And you would also probably hold yourself accountable without the need to over reprimand yourself. This next chapter of life is going to need you to become your own cheerleader, your own best friend. In some way shape or form each of us feel isolated, lonely or “on our own” right now. This solitude is important. We’ve been lost in the poetic Pisces season sauce for the past few weeks, now with the moon in analytical Virgo, the truth is slowly but surely becoming clearer. This is the puzzle piece we’ve been missing for awhile. The puzzle itself may be far from completion, but you can take a break from figuring everything out. It is safe to rest. You came here to grow. You came here to experience, create, love, dance, laugh, learn, ask questions, make mistakes and keep going. You are allowed to pursue your wildest wishes. You are allowed to fail. You are allowed to figure things out as you go. You are allowed to risk embarrassment in the pursuit of joy. You are also allowed to pat yourself on the back. This is where we break free from the rules we inherited and the ones we created for ourselves. MAKE A PLAN CLEAN YOUR ROOM BUY A NEW NOTEBOOK EAT NOURISHING FOOD STRETCH YOUR BEAUTIFUL BODY FEEL THE FULLNESS OF THIS MOMENT, YOU'VE FOUGHT SO HARD TO GET HERE AND YOU BETTER REST UP BECAUSE ARIES SEASON STARTS ON THE 20TH, Y'ALL READY??? HAVE A NICE FULL MOON LOVES:)


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